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(Story excerpt)

As it becomes clear that Earth will soon be uninhabitable, different groups – the few surviving national governments, corporations, social clades and the like – start making preparations to leave the solar system. They bring asteroids into Earth orbit, hollow them out, fit them with ion drives and cryo-hibernation vaults, as well as factories and construction gear to ‘bootstrap’ an industrial base quickly. Only a tiny fraction of the human population can take this escape route – billions are left to die on the dying planet.

The various colony ships depart in different directions. The crews sleep in the cryo-vaults, watched over by robots. Contact with Earth is lost as the Fifth Water War goes nuclear.

(Story excerpt ends)

All factions have several key figures belonging to that faction. The Romanovs, for instance, are led by Imperator Anastasia, Captain-Queen of the Romanov. However, the ill Prince Andrei - Anastasia's older brother - is considered a senior figure within Romanov society. So too is Dowager Imperator Marie, Anastasia's mother.

Additionally, each faction (except the Romanov) has three sub-factions. These sub-factions are sections of the base faction which a noticeably distinct from the main faction. The Mandate faction, for instance, has the United Colonial Guard, Gate Control Authority, and Grand Fleet subfactions - each with their own key figure.

See the Mandate Lore Document for more information.

Major Factions[edit | edit source]

Sub-Factions[edit | edit source]

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Secret Factions[edit | edit source]

Unknown Factions[edit | edit source]

  • Duchess Vorontsov
  • New Worlds Coalition

These unknown factions were mention early on in development by Perihelion. It is unknown if they have been replaced by a different faction or will appear in the final game in some form.