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Colony ship Romanov

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FactionRomanov2.png Romanov.png

Families: Romanov, Pogodin, Zubov.
Family background: Imperial Family, Poor Peasant, Romanov Loyalist

Art inspiration: Tsarist Russia

The role of fate in the affairs of humanity cannot be underestimated. It was fate that thrust the Mandate upon the Romanovs.

Their discovery of Gate travel gave the responsibility of unifying the scattered worlds of humanity. They established the trade network that made them the wealthiest and most powerful civilization amid the stars – and when it became evident that reckless use of the Gates threatened the safety of all humanity, they took on the burden of protecting humanity from itself. The Romanovs remembered how Earth was ruined by human greed and shortsightedness, and are determined not to let that happen again.

It was not pride or jealously that made them take on the burden of the Mandate. It was a duty that had to be done. The Romanovs have always taken the long view. They measure their successes in centuries, even millennia. If the other colonies chafe under Mandate rule for a few generations, so be it, as long as the Romanovs can safeguard the ultimate future of humanity.

To be a Romanov, then, is to be part of a chain that stretches back to the darkest days of old Earth, and forward to the unknowable future. Endure, whisper a billion billion unborn generations, endure so that we may exist.

Romanov ships and star bases are elaborate designs, their vessels often have large figure heads on their prows.

Character Creation Benefits[edit | edit source]

-2 Rebel Reputation, +1 Mandate Reputation, +1 Leadership.