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Colony ship Great Ark

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FactionArkwright2.png Greatark.png

Families: Raglan, Arkwright, Mountjoy

Art inspiration: Victorian/steampunky vibe

The Arkwright Colonies settled on worlds rich in metal and other resources, and are the industrial powerhouse of the Mandate. The union of Arkwright productivity with Romanov trade fuelled the early growth of the Gate network, and for a time it seemed inevitable that the Arkwrights would become the dominant power in human space. Then came the war, and the forcible establishment of the Mandate.

The Arkwright families have long been jealous of the Romanovs’ power and influence, and the two houses are fierce rivals. The Arkwrights continued to push against the boundaries set by the Romanovs – they continued illicit Gate building for centuries after that first war, and drove the second colonization effort that created the fringe worlds.

The Arkwright worlds themselves are like world-spanning factories, with insatiable hungers for food and raw materials. The Arkwrights need to expand faster than the Mandate permits. If it takes a rebellion to break these chains, so be it!

Arkwright vessels and star bases are of very utilitarian design. They often appear blocky when compared to other factions designs.

Character Creation Benefits[edit | edit source]

-2 Mandate Reputation, +1 Pirate Reputation, +1 Logistics.