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Colony ship Europa

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FactionEuropan2.png Europan.png

Families: St.Clair, Radu, Demole

Art inspiration: Age of Reason and fin de siècle Paris

The Europans of Starfall are the cultural and intellectual center of the Mandate. At times, their influence exceeds even that of the Romanovs, and many worlds look to them for leadership. The Europan nobles have always shied away from directly challenging the Romanovs, but it is an open secret that they covet the Imperial title. Of course, some claim they have all the influence and power they need, and that half the Emperors were Europan puppets, entranced by Starfall culture and sophistication.

The Europans see their Romanov cousins as backward peasants, and consider the Mandate to be an unnecessary restriction, a chain holding back human progress. At the same time, they have benefited from their alliance with the Romanovs, and so seek to reform the Mandate instead of destroying it.

The Europans are renowned as artists, scientists and diplomats. This progress comes at a price – their military forces are small and comparatively weak, despite possessing some of the most advanced weaponry in the Mandate. In times of peace, the Europans could rely on the Grand Fleet for protection, but now they look nervously at the advancing rebels. The glittering worlds of the Europan systems are ripe for plunder and conquest…

Character Creation Benefits[edit | edit source]

-2 Mandate Reputation, +1 Rebel Reputation, +1 Science.