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Colony ship Black Eagle

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FactionBlackEagle2.png Blackeagle.png

Families: Black, Weber, Kurst

Art inspiration: Prussians, with a side order of Cossack

The Black Eagle worlds are no strangers to conflict. Before they joined the Mandate, border wars and internal feuding wracked these colonies. The first system settled by the Black Eagle ship was Kurst – that system had four marginally habitable worlds, but none was anywhere near as hospitable as Novy Petersburg or Starfall or Victoria. Right from the beginning, the Black Eagle settlers fought amongst themselves for survival.

Contact with the Romanovs brought an end to this conflict, and began the brief summer of the Black Eagle worlds. Gate travel meant the Kurst worlds could import the supplies they needed to make life bearable. Even better, it offered the hope of finding new, better worlds to settle. Equipped with Gate technology, the Black Eagle settlers struck off into the unknown – and brought back disaster.

The Black Eagles have long been the most stalwart supporters of the Mandate, and are famed for their military traditions. Despite this, they have more in common with the oppressed fringe worlds than they do with the glittering worlds of the core…

Character Creation Benefits[edit | edit source]

-2 Rebel Reputation, +1 Mandate Reputation, +1 Personal Combat.